To me the second half of the Toastmasters year is a period of deepening and strengthening.

Whatever role you have: club member, club officer or district officer, compared to where you started in July you’ve gained confidence and you have a better picture of your skills and points of improvement.

You’ve done your icebreaker or completed an advanced manual, participated in or organised trainings, contests and special events, supported weak clubs or helped building new ones. You’ve given and received loads of useful feedback. There’s a fair chance you’ve encountered the challenge of the balance, trying to keep several balls in the air. For sure you’ve grown, had fun and made friends.

Well organized mid year trainings are Yellow Calloutreal vit
amin boosters


January and February are the months of the club officers trainings. Toastmaster Leadership Institutes and district officers trainings.  I just had mine with district leaders from China to South-Africa. One of the sessions was about presenting a valuable and applicable accomplishment of your district. We presented the way we share knowledge and build networks, for example by way of this very Clarion, the Speaker to Trainer program roll out, the Youth Leadership program group and the club building and corporate club tools.

Well organized Midyear trainings are real vitamin boosters. They give inspiration and ideas for the months to come. I encourage you all to use them to the max.

And if you’re not an officer yet, why not start considering to grant yourself the opportunity?

Let’s make it an energetic 2016!

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Marike Dijksterhuis (Marike)

District 59 Director


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