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On September 13th, Division C organized its first “From Speaker to Trainer” workshop in Apeldoorn. 10 Toastmasters learned how to develop and give trainings. They are the first members to participate in this year’s program, with many more to follow. But how did this program start? And where will it go?

For years, there has been an interest in division C, in a pool of experienced Toastmasters who could give educational modules in their club and in the Division. However, this idea never came off the ground. That is, until 2014, when a number of Toastmasters, including Andy Baker, Bill Monsour, and Robert van der Meer organized the first “From Speaker to Trainer” workshop in Amsterdam. Although it was a challenge, this first workshop also established the foundation upon which the program would be built.

Aside from the bare necessities, we also learned to value the individual contribution of every trainer. Every trainer brings their own experience into the workshop, which only adds more value to an already valuable event. But was the newest addition to the already existing “From Speaker to Trainer” workshop that would ultimately define the program: the idea of follow-up workshops.

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The follow-up workshops came into being because the participants wanted more opportunities to practice the skills they acquired at the “From Speaker to Trainer” workshops. This is what inspired Arjan Kooistra, who currently coordinates the workshops, to develop the Training Hubs as they are organized in our Division today. The Training Hubs offers members the chance to give educational modules, practice their training skills, and other members can participate in these trainings. It’s a win for the trainer and for everyone involved!

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For the organizers, it is also a learning experience, and a rewarding one at that.

Everyone involved in the organization learned how to organize the events, coordinate the resources necessary, and involve trainers and participants.

Robert: “In my training, it was very clear to everyone that it was a learning experience. Everyone could ask questions, share their experiences, and offer feedback. This open atmosphere really contributed to the success of the workshop and also served as an example to the participants how a good training can be given.”

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