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Four years ago, a group of fellow Toastmasters including myself, decided to charter a club (in Amman, Jordan) which would combine a two hour of Zumba class and a Toastmasters meeting.

As months passed, the members’ attendance was dwindling until there were only 6 members left.

We asked the members – what were the reasons why they did not want to renew their membership?

Their replies varied:

  • the focus was on the Zumba class – not on the program planning and meeting organization;
  • the Vice President of Membership and her committee were not reaching out to the members and finding out their concerns and needs;
  • there was no membership orientation;
  • no one was encouraged to achieve their educational awards and if someone did – there was no celebration nor recognition;
  • the themes should vary instead of having the same topic every time;
  • the officers did not welcome the members and guests;
  • the setup of the place was done at the last minute and the Zumba instructor was always late. The Toastmasters meeting also started late.

A Five Stars Club

There were so many things that went wrong!  It was an eye opener for all of us.  One lady commented “I expected a five star club – not a two star one”!  She was right!

Is your club a “five star” one? It is always recommended to conduct the “Moments of Truth” educational session in every club.  Make sure to ask the members to evaluate the standard of the club based on the MOT. Today, the former “ailing” club has become a President’s Distinguished club and has a membership of 27 enthusiastic members – enjoying a “five star” treatment.

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