Division L Spring Conference


The Spring Conference 2016 of Division L, was in Braga on April 30th, and what memorable event it was.

We had the opportunity to listen to amazing speeches, inspirational and humorous at the same time. Also, we fraternized between all Clubs, in an enjoyable and funny environment.

We had a Keynote Speaker (António Paraíso) and the Division L Team and the Areas Directors gathered on stage as a recognition of their work in this Toastmasters year.

Division L and Areas Team

The competition set our Champions, and here they are:

International Speech Contest in Portuguese:

1st – Nelson Gomes

2nd – Rui Ferreira

3rd – Carlos Costa

Evaluation Contest in Portuguese:

1st – Diogo Queirós

2nd – Carlos Costa

3rd –  Sílvia Vilas

Evaluation Contest in English:

1st – Paulo Sérgio Pinto (Will be in Luxembourg)

2nd – Rita Vale

3rd – Gabriella Opaz

International Speech Contest in English:

1st – Gabriella Opaz (Can not be in Luxembourg)

2nd – Catarina Loureiro (Will be in Luxembourg)

3rd – Beatriz Macedo

International Speech Contest in French

1st . Luís Marrana (Will be in Luxembourg)

Internacional Speech Contest in Italian

1st – Beatriz Macedo (Will be in Luxembourg)

Congratulations and we wish them all the best in Luxembourg and for sure the members in Division L will be cheering wherever they are.


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