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For Division L, 2015 was a great year and 2016 promises to be a greater one. Before ending the year we had amazing surprises, with new Clubs rising as prospects, like Figueira da Foz e Torres Novas Toastmasters Club, both for Area L3.

Dinner L2

Area L2 enter the spirit of Christmas with a dinner that joined EDP, Invicta, Aveiro and the newly born Bairrada TM Clubs. Aveiro and Bairrada have been very active in promoting theirs sessions in local newspapers, that should in short time bring more people at their sessions and into Toastmasters family.


Cover of TMI Magazine


We had an amazing Christmas present, when we went to the mailbox and saw Paulo Vasconcelos a member of EDP TM Club on the cover of Toastmasters International magazine and with an article of two pages. We all became very proud of that achievement.



In Area L1, OTC with their well-known creativity in their sessions organized a workshop relating Tango and leadership, showing what lessons we can learn from Tango dance… very interesting.

We like to make toasts, so there was a great commemoration on December for the seventh anniversary of Braga TM Club.

2016 started with a Castle Itinerary, this time was in Convento de Cristo (Tomar) which gathered all Clubs from L3, promoting Portuguese monuments and diversity on Toastmasters meetings.

Rota dos Castelos - Convento de Cristo - Tomar

Area L2 organized their Area Council in the city of Aveiro.

Oporto TC with the collaboration of another Clubs has promoted the third edition of Master Mentoring Program. The goal is to be well prepared and to grow as a Mentor, the exchange of experiences was given a very important role in this process.

The Toastmasters Leadership Institute was held in Viseu, on the 30th and 31st of January. Viseu Toastmasters Club was the host Club and had the great idea of organizing it as a Boot Camp.

The event was in the Army headquarters, and some of the workshops were in Army tents, and despite the low temperatures, everyone was heated by warm and inspirational speeches. The Clubs embraced the real Army recruit spirit and had a lot of fun during and between sessions, having the opportunity to share experiences and promote networking in Division L.  

We had a special guest, the Past District Director DTM Jaap Russchenberg, who was our Keynote speaker, and also contributed for the success of this event.

Who knows this could be beginning of a Toastmasters Club in the Army!

Over and out.

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Division L wishes to the others Divisions all the best in 2016, and hope we can continue to contribute to the growth of more members and Clubs around our District. 



Luis Carrilho (lcarrilho)

Assistant Division L Director – M&PR Coordinator




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