Division H Spring Conference


“Rowing as a team”

Toastmasters Bilbao held the last Division Conference of Division H – Spain. “Rowing as a team” was the motto of the Conference, representing the powerful teaching of team building.

Speakers from around the country took part in ferocious competitions, a battle of improvised and prepared speeches. There is no doubt that it was an outstanding opportunity to see how far communication skills can be developed.

Jack Vincent and Sebastian Lora presented priceless workshops about using the three main zones of the body language and preparing a successful elevator pitch.

A weekend full of vivid conversations with other communication-holics and a glimpse of the city by the hand of the locals. It was certainly the perfect mix for a memorable Toastmasters Division Conference!

The results of the contests were:

Evaluation Contest (Spanish):

1. Paulina Murrath – Nova Toastmasters
2. Minerva Quijera – The Achievers Toastmasters
3. Marta Kernstock – Toastmasters Vitoria-Gasteiz

International Speech Contest (Spanish):

1. Jesús Alcoba – Excelencia Toastmasters
2. Iñigo Sáenz de Urturi – Toastmasters Vitoria-Gasteiz
3. Jose Enrique Álvarez – AXA Equitable Toastmasters

Evaluation Contest (English):

1. Yolanda North – The Achievers Toastmasters
2. Luis García – Toastmasters Madrid
3. Xabier del Campo – Toastmasters Bilbao

International Speech Contest (English):

1. Ana Suárez – The Achievers Toastmasters
2. Eric David – Toastmasters Madrid
3. Ray Sweeney – The Achievers Toastmasters

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