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It was a late January Saturday morning and a Toastmasters session was about to happen in a Lisbon’s university auditorium. There were CC speeches, advanced manuals’ projects and also two guest speakers. There was the Table Topics part and, as usual, plenty of feedback to go around.

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So what was special about this meeting?

This was a joint session. The four clubs in the D1, Lisbon Area (the Lisbon, the  Lisboa Oriente and the Lisbon MBA Toastmasters Clubs and the MSearch Toastmasters) gathered for the first of four special joint sessions.

In the year that Toastmasters celebrate 10 years in Portugal, Area D1 came up with this innovative initiative. The idea was to create an event that would connect the members in the different clubs, stimulating the sharing of experiences and allowing a combined work towards the awareness of the Toastmasters brand.

Initiatives like this help reinvigorating and inspire creative thinking and the finding of solutions for the challenges that some of the Area Clubs are going through.

This was a great opportunity to bring members together and to show the fundamental support of the Area to the club’s shared goals.

And the best part, there are three more sessions to come!   

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André Santos


André Santos (andre_gps)

Vice President Membership Lisbon Toastmasters Club (LTC)


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