Division B Spring Conference

We hereby proudly present our contestants competing at the District 59 Conference in Luxembourg in our Division B!
The Lille Toastmasters Club organised a terrific event, everything went well! We were so proud of the core team!!
Now, here we come!!!!!!!!!
Our contestants were well-prepared and impressive on stage.
There was real emotion with the depiction of traumatising life experiences!
The response amongst the public was immediate with real tears.
The speeches were very touching when inspiring.
And more humoristic when depicting the male-female realities.
And the winners are: 

English International Speech Contest:1-International Speech Contest - English

1. Daniel Mouqué

2. Carsten Wendt

3. Erik Luijts

Contest Master David Lewis



English Evaluation Contest:2-Evaluation Speech Contest - English2

1. Jeffer London

2. Jack Gilbey

3. Covey McAllister

Contest Master Alexis Brouard


French Speech Contest:3-Speech Contest - French 1

1. Bruno Cacciapuoti

2. Jean.Philippe Stijns

3. Oxana Rogozina

Contest Master Emmanuelle Lewartowski


Italian Speech Contest4-Speech Contest - Italian

1.  Valentina Caimi

Contest Master Bonifacio Di Pietrantonio





The Division B takes feedback and mentoring very seriously amidst all the fun.
On their road to Luxembourg, the four contestants received the Wednesday’s infamous shower of coaching at the Artful Orators, Brussels’ Advanced Toastmasters Club.
The contestants received feedback in English, French and Italian: that’s the stuff champions are made off!

And also some final multilingual recommendations by Egwin Gonthier:
Daniel and Jeffer: Break a leg each!
Bruno: Bonne merde!
Valentina: In bocca al lupo!

5-Speech Contestants - all 4

The four contestants: Jeffer London, Valentina Caimi, Bruno Cacciapuoti and  Daniel Mouqué  with Bess Stonehouse and Anita Sheehan in Brussels.


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