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Irina Hauser puts her Toastmasters skill into action on stage at her company’s annual corporate event

After working only two years for Delaware Consulting (a Belgian IT Consultancy) Irina Hauser, a member of Toastmasters Antwerpen, had the chance to speak in front of her entire Belgian organization (about 600 people) during their annual corporate event.  This was a chance in a lifetime to put her Toastmasters skills into practice and to shine.

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‘Being a Toastmaster for almost two years, this was a great opportunity to show off what I have learned and to promote Toastmasters within my company.’

Delaware has continued to grow over the past years and with growth, Corporate Social Responsibility becomes more and more important. In that context Delaware decided to collaborate with ‘Fund Isaan’, a non-profit organization that focusses on improving the education of children in Isaan, the poorest region of Thailand. They made it possible for Irina to go to Thailand to teach for 6 weeks.  ‘It was an unforgettable lifetime experience and I am grateful that Delaware gave me this opportunity’, she enthuses.  You can read about her adventure in this blog:

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Since Irina’s CEO Jan Delaere is very much involved in Delaware’s CSR activities, he proposed Irina prepare a 5-minute speech (a real Toastmasters speech) for their annual corporate event. 

‘The first message I sent after his call was to my Toastmasters mentor Anke. After I sent her my first draft we discussed everything in detail. This time it just had to be perfect! Since I had to use PowerPoint we decided to show a video with pictures so I would not be distracted. And we gave the speech a typical Toastmasters structure and used typical tricks like “The Power of 3”. These things are quite standard but they just always work.’

After Irina gave her presentation, she received several emails, messages, compliments and even hugs. 

‘I am glad that I joined Toastmasters, I am proud of what it made me and I am incredibly thankful for such a great mentor.’  

As Jan Delaere (our CEO) said afterwards: “You did very well. But the bad thing about it is, if you do something well, you will certainly have to do it again! “

Since Irina’s speech, many colleagues have shown an interest in Toastmasters. Now Irina is working on starting a corporate club within Delaware. And is looking for a sponsor! Interested? 

Contact her here: Irina 




Irina Hauser (IrinaH)

Vice President of Education of Toastmasters Antwerpen


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