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Luxembourg Talks 2016

Since its split at the Spring Conference in 2014, District 59 has gone places: from Lyon to Porto and now from Amsterdam, it has covered in excess of 5000 kilometers.

And now, it will be in Luxembourg – this little Grand Duchy of a country, set between Belgium, France and Germany, offering you the opportunity to delve into its days of old, to find the secrets of… the Grund, but also to make the most of the District Conference, as you warm up to the weekend, play along at the parties, feast on the food, down the drinks and compete like the true champions that you all aspire to be.

Those are not the only activities for you to be a part of it all! Join in to judge, conduct yourselves as chief judges, write up your workshop plans, contemplate yourself as contest chairs, volunteer to take on one of the umpteen opportunities that offer themselves to you.

We have negotiated great accommodation deals for your comfort, and have the best program planned, as part of the conference and on it’s fringes. We look forward to having you on board to enjoy the legendary luxury of Luxembourg, so that we can offer a memorable moment of mirthful merriment to each one of the record numbers of attendees we anticipate to welcome.

So join in and make Luxembourg Talks 2016 the successful District Conference 2016 YOU want it to be!

The Dream Team

James Sørlie: Finance Chair; François Matthey: Finance Assistant; Diane Ries: PR and Sponsorship Chair; Stefanie Zutter: Venue Chair; Kuba Jakubiak – Digital Media Chair; Marina Tataram: Education Chair; Pierre-Elie Bernard: Contest Chair; Balint Juhasz: Conference Co-Chair ; Prince Motiani: Conference Co-Chair.

Learn more about the conference and fetch your ticket via www.luxembourgtalks.org

The early bird tickets are already gone, and the normal tickets are also selling out fast!



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