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Most District 59 Toastmasters who have been around for at least twelve months on the trot have come to know of the two contests in the year. There was one in autumn which we experienced as Bridges were built in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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In May, we will be having the second of those contests: the International Speech and Evaluation contests in English along with French and Italian Speech competitions, which will be held in Luxembourg.

The early bird tickets for the upcoming conference were reserved by the inveterate attendees of such conferences across the District within 25 minutes in Amsterdam, and we, the organizers thank everyone for the confidence that they placed in us.

Speaking of the organizers, here they are:

  • James Sørlie – Finance and Co- Budgeting Chair – The District’s Mr Money
  • Stefanie Zutter – Accommodation and Venue Chair – Your hotel, hostel and venue are in her hands
  • Pierre Elie Bernard – Contest Chair – He will liaise with contestants, contest masters, chief judges, other contest officials
  • Marina Tataram – Education Chair – she is in-charge of all the educational content: from workshops, through contests to a lot more
  • Jakub Jakubiak – Marketing and Social Media Chair – He will push the tweet and post buttons for the conference.
  • Balint Juhasz – Co-organizer and Co-Budgeting Chair – The brain and the face behind the conference.
  • Prince Motiani – Registration Chair and Co-organizer – your registration is his job – from the moment you sign up till the time of your take off from Luxembourg, your wishes will be his command!

Now that you know who we are, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

The conference reservations are being done via EasySpeak through this page. That said, the pare going like hot cakes in a crowded marketplace, so if you want to be there and not pay the latecomers’ price-tag, then now is your chance to have it.

The first timers at this conference, especially those who are in the neighbouring countries of Luxembourg should, in our view, make that added effort to join the bandwagon of those that we are in the habit of encountering every six months or so. The advantages are only telling! The conference has come to your doorstep! You will meet many more Toastmasters than those in your club, Area or Division!

Yellow CalloutYou will be awestruck by the quality of the speeches and workshops that fellow Toastmasters will deliver.

Come to think of that, you can share your own specialist knowledge or take on a role. What better opportunity could any Toastmaster dream of than to officiate at a District or an International conference. So come one and all! Knowing that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts, join in and make this a whole experience that you participated in making this a resoundingly successful conference.

Whenever you choose to make up your mind, sign up, pay up and arrive, this conference, like any Toastmasters meeting without the contestants and workshop holders, the officials and the audience, there will be a lot of people needing a drink. So why not come along and join us in all the mirth, merriment and active participation. Whilst quite a number of spots are occupied, and many have handed in their workshop offers, there are still many amongst you who have knowledge to share, roles to fulfil for your Leadership track, fellow Toastmasters to support and encourage on their way to success! Because that is just what District 59 is proud to boast of amongst it’s core values! It is the encouragement of others that has made us what we are today! It is time to pay forward!

So come along and party! Come along and compete! Come along and officiate! Come along and share! Just come along and be a part of the party which just won’t be it if you won’t be there! Yes, we mean you! So get up and register for attendance, pitch for workshops, sign up to officiate, and above all, come along to Luxembourg Talks!

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.Balint Juhasz (Baliju)

Luxembourg Talks Conference Co-chair



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