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My Experience with Toastmasters Junior

When I decided to start the Youth Toastmasters Program I was only seeking that my two kids began in Toastmasters earlier than me. But now, only two months later, I can tell you: How wrong I was!

The program is the perfect example of a win-win situation:

  • The kids are winning in knowledge and confidence. After only 4 sessions, I saw improvement in them. Of course, not in all of them, and not in the same way, but they are learning the tools, and playing with them. If only one takes the magic for 10 years, could you imagine these little guys at 22…? They will be leaders wherever they go!
  • And I am winning too. I am learning, I am getting more confident, and the most unexpected! I became a teacher, and that means I became a hero for my kids. They saw me and said: “YOU ARE A TEACHER!!!”  Yes, Son! I’m a teacher! : )


Yellow Callout


They are the future, and TM is an amazing tool to give to them.


My class is full of amazing great little persons! Even though none of them has read the book, they are beginning to understand and use the tools. In the last session, in the evaluations, I heard: “I like the movements of Gabriela, because she seemed confident, and connects with me” Yeah!! 12 year-olds. I’m so proud of them! They are beginning to see and understand the magic of Toastmasters. The potential and the capacity of getting over of the young are huge! They are the future, and Toastmasters are an amazing tool to give to them.

In May we have to prepare several speeches to give in the party of end of the year! All of them want to be part of the party. As I told you: they are the best!

Thanks to Toastmasters for giving me this wonderful opportunity to start this program. And about the next step with the students? Who knows! Maybe a Gavel Club. I don´t know. Please, if you have any idea on how to give people of 12-13 years a continuity in Toastmasters before turning 18, let me know! (benito.vega@iese.net).

Kind regards fellow Toastmasters!




Benito Vega (benito.vega)

Area H1 Director


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