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After a December filled with festivities and celebrations from all clubs and areas, here comes a new challenge: 2016! And Division M decided to start it big!!!


2016 opened with our Toastmasters Leadership Institute very well organized by Business Leaders Toastmasters Club in Instituto Superior Técnico (Taguspark/Oeiras) on January 16th. In a sunny Saturday, more than 110 Toastmasters gathered to learn, pratice and share in a full day event where 22 speakers organized 18 fantastic workshops, club officers received training and, Toastmasters and guests worked on their communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. Even singing skills were put to the test when more than hundred voices sang “Happy Birthday” to one of the attendees.

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The best is yet to come!



It’s said that the future belongs to the children and that they are the leaders of tomorrow. On February 13th, another Youth Leadership Project will begin in Odivelas, sponsored by International Speakers Toastmasters Club! Kids and teenagers will have the chance of experiencing a hands on approach on leadership and communication with the help of seasoned Toastmasters. The Toastmasters involved will have the chance of developing their communications and leadership skills with a younger (but demanding) audience. Following this, we have more projects planned in Lisbon, Oeiras and Carcavelos. Interested in knowing more or participating? Get in touch with Fernando Costa (tm.fernando).

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In the last six months, our Division increased in members and went from 11 charted clubs to 13 (Cisco Lisbon TM and Toastmasters @ HP Lisbon are our newest clubs), and we still have some more prospects and leads blossoming. One of these, Wine & Toastmasters, our new prospect club in Funchal, Madeira started its regular sessions. Every Friday at 9pm, “Blackbird – Melro Preto Restaurant” is visited by Toastmasters and guests who will taste and share a specific wine, among speeches and leadership roles. If you go to Madeira, don’t forget to visit this wonderful club who has a unique concept in Portugal.


April 30th will be day of Division M’s Spring Conference in Lisbon, organized by Business Speakers Toastmasters Club. Things are in motion and the team is working hard to make this event unique and unforgettable. An event with the best our Division has to offer, champions will face champions fighting for the title of Division Champion and for the opportunity of representing us in Luxembourg! SAVE THE DATE! The best is yet to come!




João Sarmento (jsarmento)

Division M Director


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