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No Limits to Learn, Live, and Laugh!

Many thing is happening around Division L. All the Clubs have been very dynamic, and the networking is going beautifully.

In the three Areas (L1, L2 and L3) of the Division L, there had been many events and iniciatives that are worth telling about.

In Area L1, the Oporto Toastmasters Club made it’s 9th anniversary and completed 300 sessions, so a big thumbs up for them, , congratulations!

In Area L2, the Aveiro Toastmasters Club held the Autumn Conference, and what a great event it was… the Toastmasters that represented Division L in the Finals in Amsterdam are: Paulo Salgado (Table Topics in English), Sara Rodrigues (Prepared Speeches in Spanish) and António Calheiros (Prepared Speeches in English). Congratulations to all!

Winners_Speech Contest

Aveiro TC is also supporting the growth of a new Toastmasters Club, named Bairrada TC. Very soon we will have more news about them.

Also in Area L2, the EDP Toastmasters Club won the Ralph Smedley Award. This a very recent Club, with less then 2 years, and it has been growing very fast. (at the moment is the Club in Division L with more members.)

In Area L3, they had a great event that gathered all the Clubs in the city of Castelo Branco. That is a fantastic way to strengthen connections, and change experiences and ideas.

There has been some other initiatives, promoting the membership and networking:

  • The EDP Toastmasters Club has being organizing Workshops for members of Toastmasters and potential future members. The themes are related to developing the soft skills, for example how to be on TV and radio interviews, posture, dress code, time to talk… Recently they had a Storytelling workshop that was open to the Toastmasters community and others. This way is also helping people to became more interested in Toastmasters meetings.
  • Oporto TC, with the collaboration of another Clubs has promoted a day for Master Mentoring Program. The goal is to be well prepared and to grow as a Mentor, the exchange of experiences has a very important role in this process.


Steal the Cup

The Cup, since the last Clarion, was stolen from Invicta TC by Marinha Grande Toastmasters Club, and now is waiting for the visit of, at least two members from other club. This initiative makes Clubs visit each other, and until now has been a huge success. I think that another Club is already preparing an assault to Marinha Grande TC… be aware!

steal the cup

Toastmaster of the Year

During the Toastmasters District 59 Autumn Conference 2015, in Amsterdam, there was the moment to announce who was most voted for the Toastmaster of the Year 2014. And the Winner was….. Ana Isabel Lage Ferreira, from the Division L, actual member of Invicta TM and Division Director. She was asked about her thoughts when she knew about that recognition.

My first reaction to this award? Why me? I kept repeating this question with a mixture of awe and sheer happiness, while Jaap over the phone gently tried to explain what was going to happen in the following day in Amsterdam.  

My story is no different from thousands of others. I became a Toastmaster to develop my communication skills. And like those other Toastmasters, I ended up developing my sense of self, not only as a leader and communicator, but also as a person and a friend. And also like all Toastmasters, that was only possible because I listen, learned and shared a lot with very special people – every member of every club of every session I attended since I joined in 2011.

There are however three people whose influence lasts until today. João de Mendonça for his passion and the way he believes and cheers everyone. Sara Magalhães, for her enthusiasm and perseverance. Carlos Costa, my mentor, for his support, care and wisdom.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for considering my story, and work worthy of recognition.  My heart is full. Toasts!”



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