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Let’s ignite the club!

In my last meeting with club officers, I had prepared a few words about the importance of their work and commitment to the club.

But, did I need to repeat about commitment to all those members who had expressly come to a meeting of officers?

Does one who lives filling up an agenda, session after session, is not aware of its importance?

So I decided to change it on the fly. Focusing on the real fuel of our actions… PASSION!!! The same one that was showed for our representatives of Division, Oliver, Barbara and Joana, in the past District Contest.

They competed fiercely with the champions of France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the other Spanish Division and… we have a District champion… and no losers when you put all the awareness and effort.

Creating the climate in order to find meaning to attend sessions is basic… and then everybody shines. Let’s do it with passion, let’s ignite the club !!!

On December 11th, we had the yearly Christmas party in Barcelona and I can feel how the organizing team is putting enthusiasm with no limits. The Area K4 has already begun to organize the Division Contest Spring’16 in Alicante… five months before!!! I want to feel this same energy rushing up the clubs.

Creating the climate for members in order to find meaning to attend sessions is basic and then everybody shines, the experts in their contests, beginners in their first steps forward without fear. Let’s do it with passion, let’s ignite the club!!!


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