Division K Spring Conference


Division K did its first Spring Conference after the split with Division H. For new Division K, it was an important challenge that we overcame in a remarkable way.

The result was awesome basically thanks to “Alicante Speakers Club”. As a host club, they did an extraordinary job, looking for a fabolous venue and gala dinner place, selecting fantastic keynote speakers and launching a functional web prepared for all devices.

And the task did not finish at this point. The day of Contest, everything ran perfect … registration desk, briefing areas, organization of space, rhythm of the agenda, excellent catering and unforgettable gala dinner were performed outstandingly.

We had the presence of Celeste Brown and Jaap Ruschenberg from District 59, and we received visitors from our neighbor Division H and others Toastmasters around the world. All of them participated actively in the Conference, demonstrating once again that the best asset of Toastmasters is its people.

Alicante offered fine weather and nice people, as usual, but also excellent facilities. Sometimes we don’t realize how many spectacular places the medium cities can offer, practically free of charge, compared to big capitals.

We learned a lot organizing this Conference and we spent unforgettable moments together. Thanks a lot for all people who attended and participated and especially to the host club and their leaders Ana González, Aris Lucas and Isabella Melinte.

Division K’s winners were acclaimed and now go to Luxembourg. Only one step more for the Final World Championship!!!

Division K, International Speech Contest winners:

Concurso de Discursos en Español:

1.César Gómez-Mora – Valencia Toastmasters
2. Pedro del Amo – Mallorca Wordsmiths
3. Juan Carlos Durán – Sagrada Familia Toastmasters

Concurso de Evaluaciones en Español:

1. Juan Carlos Durán – Sagrada Familia Toastmasters
2. César Gómez-Mora – Valencia Toastmasters

English Evaluation Contest:

1. Peter McKenzie – Prestigious Speakers 
2. Francisco Mahfuz – Prestigious Speakers 
3. César Gómez-Mora – Valencia Toastmasters

English Speech Contest:

1. Julia Pardo – Youth Toastmasters
2. Francisco Mahfuz – Prestigious Speakers
3. Georgia Varjas – Las Palmeras Speakers Club

Concurso de Discursos en Italiano:

1. Paul Conde – Barcelona Toastmasters

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