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A few days ago, I was at a session for promoting a club that has trouble in continuity. Hosting club members had a nice surprise: to see the aid received by the rest of toastmasters of your Area who helped making the meeting a success. The Club’s Committee communicated Area Director the proposal, and together designed the event. conveyed this need to the rest of the community and selected a group of Toastmasters from other clubs with availability to support the initiative.

Create a network of clubs allows us to act quickly to help the weak nodes. In the background of this network, there is a network of people who, in meetings and Toastmasters events, contact, interact, exchange ideas and experiences that enrich and diversify their points of views. While establishing this connection, a smile makes miracles, but it is clear that speaking or attempting to speak a language which all people can understand, encourages communication and interaction.

Toastmasters is not just a meeting place for public speaking, it is basically a place, a time, even an excuse to learn how to communicate.

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Toastmasters is not just a place for public speaking, it is basically a place to learn how to communicate.


Communication is not only based on speaking, also on listening. That is practiced every session, mainly in the role of evaluation, what builds one of the pillars of the sessions, feedback. If there is a role of session that best summarizes the four values ​​of Toastmasters is the Evaluator.

We talk a lot of speaking and to act and less about listening and to ponder. In my opinion active listening helps us to think and diversify our points of view. And this is a fabulous starting point for our actions are definitely sharper and achieve better results.




Joan Fabregat (fabregatj)
Division K Director



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