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Ericsson TorreSuecia goes live in Madrid!

New Corporate Club

Everything started when a friend talked to me about the initiative being run at Ericsson Madrid R&D Club. Attending some meetings as a guest I realized the initiative would have a great acceptance at Ericsson Madrid headquarters, where where most of the people have a close relationship with customers; and Communication and Leadership skills are crucial.

Ericsson is a company that devotes time and money to its main asset, People, so creating a new Toastmasters Club at Madrid Headquarters was perfectly aligned to that philosophy.

Before deciding to create the new club I needed to try the experience myself, so I joined Ericsson Madrid R&D Club. I delivered my first speeches, played roles at meetings and learnt the basics about running a club. 

Then, in close collaboration with our colleagues at R&D Madrid Club we organized awareness sessions at Ericsson Madrid PMO. Mouth to ear worked so perfectly that we were asked to run additional sessions. Learning & Competence Development Department also helped us promote the initiative together with our Communication Department.

Open Doors Day session run in March 2015 was a sound success with the Auditorium fully packed with around 70 people.

In a few months we already had a group of almost 30 people eager to start practicing public speaking and leadership abilities.

We are officially a new club since October 1st, but we have been running bi-weekly meetings since the 1st of July. We even managed to hold weekly meetings during Summer time. Our members are so eager to improve their communication and leadership skills that our speeches calendar is fully packed up to January 2016.

The start-up of a new club is a thrilling experience, especially when all the members are new (just 2 of us have some previous experience about Toastmasters).

Our committee is made up of motivated people with scarce knowledge about Toastmasters, but full of energy and initiative. Together with our Ericsson Madrid R&D colleagues we managed to start running the club in a really short time.

Still in our ice-breaker phase, we are already eager to participate at Spring Contest…

We’re the new kids on the block ready to be heard!!!

You’re welcome to visit us anytime!


Susana Caballero  (ecesucp)

Ericsson TorreSuecia President


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