Division G Spring Conference


“Toastmasters Love Connection”

Division G (Italy) held their Spring Speech Conference titled “Toastmasters Love Connection”, on May 7th, 2016, in a super environment with Toastmasters from throughout Italy, Greece, Netherlands and Australia.

The Conference started with a keynote by Japp Russchenburg, Past District Governor, by the title “Leadership is making Decisions”. Jaap gave food for thought to every Toastmaster regarding to getting and staying involved with developing successful Toastmasters Club.

The French Contest was carried out and was won by Patricia Mansencal (SPQRs, Area G3).

A workshop in English and Italian was given by Armando Cristofori, titled “For every Connection, there is an appropriate Reaction”. He also presented all participants with a book he authored, “101 ARTISTIC TOASTMASTERS, Around the world with Armando Cristofori”. The book illustrates the many professional artists around the world that choose Toastmasters as an educational tool.

Following the English Evaluation Contest, chaired by Haley Eshleman, had the following result:

1st place – Keith Sheldrake (Radiant Rethoric, Area G1)

2nd place – Chiara Alzati (Milan-Easy,Area G2)

3rd place – Ivan Ottaviani (Monza Area G1)

After lunch, the International Speech Contest in English was chaired by Orlando Selenu, with the following result:

1st place – Stewart Bornhoft (Monza Toastmasters, Area G1)

2nd place – Caterina Balatti (The Milliners, Area G2)

3rd place – Ivan Ottaviani (Monza Toastmasters, Area G1)

Celeste Brown, Chief Ambassador, presented a short update on the Revitalized Educational Program.

Then Barbara Olivieri chaired the Italian Evaluation Contest, and these are the winners:

1st place – Silvio Rossi (Toastmasters INAIL, Area G3)

2nd place – Paolo Ronchi (Monza Toastmasters, Area G1)

3rd place – Gaia Fiertler (Milan-Easy, Area G2)

An Italian workshop was held by Guglielmo Arrigoni, who discussed “How to gain new members and not leave any potential members on the road”, an interesting method to membership building.

Finaly the Italian Speech Contest was chaired by Catherine Balavoine and these are the winners:

1st place – Annalisa Crespi (Monza Toastmasters, Area G1)

2nd place – Silvio Rossi (Toastmasters INAIL, Area G3)

3rd place – Lucy Michaels (Toastmasters Roma, Area G3)

The contests were competitive to say the least.

The weekend was concluded with a dinner in Piazza Bra on Saturday evening and a walking tour on Sunday, conducted by knowledgable city dwellers and friends of the Verona Toastmasters club.

Our hats are off to all the leaders involved, especially the Committee Chair, Giovanna Paris-Meyers, and her staff for presenting this superb event.

We would be amidst if we didn’t thank all the participants who made this event possible and the first place winners for their winner presentation.

In conclusion, we simply say that “All present were winners”!

Look out Luxembourg, here comes Division G!

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