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Let’s grow our own puzzle!


“We are the sum total of our experiences “. At least, this is what Dr. Thomas GILOVICH, professor of sychology at Cornell University (state of New-York) advances.
We are a puzzle in perpetual evolution!

Isn’t it true that ever since the day of our birth and until today, we experience, we learn and therefore, we become. Just a quick example: as a child, we rode a bike, fell, rode it again, leaned from right to left before finally going ahead for 10 meters. This is experience. We discovered how to maintain balance. This is learning. Riding like a true “cyclist”. That is what we became. And this circle happens everyday of our life!

Therefore we can ask the same question to anyone wishing to quickly and efficiently “become”: is there one environment in particular where we can quickly experience, learn in abundance and become a lot? It would be a place where our own puzzle would grow at lightning speed and where each pieces would help shape our own masterpiece!


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“Imagine such power: with each experience, we learn and become. ”



The answer is yes! There is school, playgrounds, work and many other environments. Nevertheless, there is one place where each of us can refine its own puzzle infinitely and with elegance. This place indeed is Toastmasters.

During each of our meetings, we get to attend as an actor or a spectator, to impromptu and prepared speeches, as well as evaluations, which are all unique. Each experience help us learn something new: a word of humor, the impact of one gesture, how meaningful a wink was, the audience’s reaction to a particular smile, the importance of one word, a sentence, a tirade, the emotion transmitted by a tone of voice, the enchantment given by certain sounds or rhymes. There is also the content: philosophical, scientific, humorous, moving, historical, geographical, educative. Stop. There are so many.

Imagine such power: with each experience, we learn and become. We become stronger, more charismatic, funnier, more moving, wiser, more clever, braver, more tolerant and more alive. We become more than just ourselves.

Each piece connects wonderfully. It’s magical! Our puzzle grows endlessly only to become more and more beautiful. Enough, I can’t wait anymore. Can you? When is the next meeting? 

NB: Our Division’s next conference will take place in Aix en Provence on October 24th.
Come in great number to grow your own puzzle!




Siegfried Haack (Siegfried)

Division F Director


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