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An example of co-working, fun and learning

Rhetorik Club Winterthur used once more its experience to fill up a room with 100 members and guests for a contest.

The aims of this Division Contest were challenging:

– Motivating multiple clubs to participate and members to take part as contestants

– spread the word about Toastmasters to public and find interested people in Rhetorik as guests

– create a learning atmosphere with workshops and lovely food

– don’t run in a financial disaster.

Yes, we can! I am proud to be Director of this Division. All Area Directors and Club Officers did a brilliant job in motivating their clubs and spread information.

Division E has done a great job in delivering a professional setting, good organisation and great pleasure in his first contest. Although Switzerland was spread in 3 parts, more than 100 guests had the chance to see magnificent speeches and workshops.

So it is time to share our experience:

When we knew the date, we were searching in June for workshop leaders and keynote speaker, as well as a location.

Rhetorik Club Winterthur is a young club without substantial financial reserves. Members were searching for sponsors. The Division E asked all 17 clubs for a contribution of 75 CHF. This was a rather unusual procedure and merely a 1/3 paid the contribution. However, I hope the wonderful experience and feedback we got will lead to a better co-operation in this respect.

We used Emails, Newsletter, Xing, LinkedIn and Facebook to spread the word as well as Public Relations before the Event. Two days after the event the Press already published a detailed article. The club spread the information on the Homepage and Fb as well.

This were very good means to make non-financial marketing. However, several hundred flyers were printed and spread amongst the clubs, at Area Contests and in business and private. This is an expensive means and was seen as action to spread the word about Toastmasters and its recipe in a long term. In German and English language!

The workshop sessions were well-prepared by Toastmaster members and the feedback “great tips – I have learned so much”.

The break time was marvellous. A communicative cosy session in different languages. Just right to talk to share experiences and make new friends. The food and drinks prepared us all for the 2nd term.

However, I also saw that the knowledge on roles in a contest is not “on the sunny side of Toastmasters”. There is a need for a better preparation on contest roles and rules.

The language issue no longer exists. 15 out of 17 clubs have participated. They worked very well together – as judges or contest chairs in a non-mother language sessions.

We reached our aim due to networking outside the clubs,  enthusiastic toastmasters and engaged Area Directors.

Thanks to all.


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