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Boosted Learning Time in East-Switzerland

Our Area Directors are busy around the world. They have passed the Xmas time and new year’s eve and in the same time they did a great job to offer magnificent COTs and TLIs. 

It is my pleasure to see that the second COT round offers much more knowledge to the officers than in years before. They have revealed future topics, like the revitalized education program, a leader as a coach, special sessions on digital PR in addition to the standard topics such as DCP and leadership roles. The answer is very positive. 
With this we have done another step to show that COTs adds knowledge to officers. It is not a knowledge that they will find in a manual or a book. There are tips and tricks from first hand experiences.
Coaching and mentoring is a very important and growing topic. Clubs that are using mentoring of young or experienced toastmasters create better speakers in a shorter time. Members get to know more chances to speak and are encouraged to take part in contests 1:1 motivation works. Any practice in addition to the standard club evening counts. Any club should use mentoring and promote it frequently.


Yellow CalloutI see more enthusiasthic member and clubs creating workshop after workshop around East-Switzerland. The very new workshop is on Storytelling- a method needed for speeches, in jobs, selling products or promote yourself. Workshops for all members!


In Switzerland we have very few women who are speaking in contests. Cécile made a research on the participation percentage. The figures are shocking! NOW she offers the First Female Workshop to give a special occasion to prepare women for the next contest! They can speak, get feedback, improve it and choose a coach till the contest. A group of women supporting each other leading in more self confidence and more women on stage. What a wonderful idea and probably needed around the year.
We can always see that “leading by example” is the best means to convince people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. We will share our experiences with you in Nice and see the result in the spring conferences.

Bild COT Cecile-2

I am glad to say that after two years struggling with a language issue due to bilingual areas, we see toastmasters enjoying the multilingual area and division contests. The majority likes it and love to speak in many languages or to train in another language easily. However, for all members who want to compete nationwide: the spring contest (16.4) is 4-lingual. So be prepared in your mother language or any other language. The chance is waiting for you.

In addition there are members who are already thinking on a nationwide German table topics contest. Toastmasters is listening but sometimes it takes time to find the people to “go the extra mile” for you.




Ulrike Laubner (ulrilaub)

Division E Director


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