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The Division E is busy. Public relations is a big topic as well as the support of the clubs to maintain or enrich the quality by our four Area Directors. Swiss quality: from punctuality to precise agendas to customer oriented support and a professional, but humorous learning atmosphere.

The whole Division E team was attending the training in Leuven, Belgium. Once again, this team has shown to be enthusiastic, forward thinking and committed. It has been an atmosphere of giving support to each other, learning methods to help weak clubs, give feedback to leaders or develop new sessions, such as “From Speaker to Trainer”. Many recipes will help our Division, Areas and Clubs and their members to be more successful and interesting.
Our next step is the Division E contest. The Rethorik Club Winterthur is hosting the Fall Contest. The organizer is doing his HPL (High Performance Leadership) Project and faces new challenges every week. It is a pleasure to see the Division E Contest and him growing day by day. And we let Switzerland know about this: PR, PR and PR all around Zurich area.


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Growing Toastmasters’ awareness in Switzerland – Division E


The contest is held in German and English. However, it is still a surprise for us if other languages will follow. Do we have French, Spanish or Dutch? How exciting! The multilingual contests are a fantastic opportunity for all foreigners to speak in their mother language. They will exceed themselves: More self-confidence. Natural humour. More power. We are looking for this, because it’s fun to learn from body language, gestures and vocal variety of a speech one cannot understand.

We are very honored that Jaap Ruschenberg will attend our contest. Jaap, we will take care of you!
Guests can attend a splendid workshops on either “Cross-cultural communication (English)” or on “Storytelling” (German) . Swiss people love marvelous food.
The Division E has organized a assorted catering for an extended networking break for all guests.
If you are close by and curious, come and visit us. http://rhetorikclubwinterthur.ch/div-contest-24-okt-15/.




Ulrike Laubner (ulrilaub)

Division E Director



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