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Amsterdam 2015:  Belgium Building Bridges

Congratulations to Renaat Toppets, Toastmasters Hasselt: winner, Dutch Humorous Speech Contest;

Congratulations to Jo Ann Broger, Brussels Toastmasters – the first in a line up of 12 TT contestants with Table Topic, question, SUGAR!?

Congratulations to Colm Kehoe, Armada Toastmasters Club – 2nd place English Humorous Speech Contest;

Congratulations Agnes Tarnai – Yes! She is our latest DTM!


Brussels Club & Artful Orator Daniel Mouque – the perfect Contest Master

Daniel is never shy on stage. In fact, he’s so at home on stage that he even dressed up as a Dutchman in drag as the Contest Master of the English Humorous Speech Contest in Amsterdam.  He certainly warmed up the audience and had us laughing before the programme started!

Aperitivo Toastmasters – first bi-lingual Italian English prospect club launches in Brussels

Brussels has several bi-lingual clubs – Armada (Spanish), Berlaymont (French), Blackforest (German), Dacia prospect (Romanian), Claddagh (Irish) and Atomium (Dutch).  We’ve now decided to add Italian to the mix and bring the spirit of Italy to Toastmasters.  The evening starts with a Spritz, un aperitivo, and then we merrily go into the meeting ‘A alto voce!” The location is unique – a concept store that combines food, fashion and fun!  Meetings our on Mondays.  Our first demonstration meeting was on November 9th; we now continue with two more in 2015, kicking off officially in January 2016.  Tutti benvenuti!

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Ernst & Young – new prospect corporate club has first demonstration meeting

On October 27th, Ernst & Young (E&Y) held their first demonstration meeting with Lars Sudmann (Brussels Club) and Jeffer London (Artful Orators) as guest speaker and evaluator. Area Director Peter Le Page helped organize the event and being the Table Topics Master. Over 30 people attended. Watch this space. Second demonstration meeting planned for January 2016.

A weekend away with Toastmasters Gent: where members learn, grow & have fun!

Have you ever considered spending a weekend away with your club?  Home away from home is the perfect recipe to get to know each other, re-energize and inspire growth.

Toastmasters Mathieu Piens and Anton Lemmens went Above & Beyond when they organized a Toastmasters weekend for their fellow club members from the Gent Toastmasters Club from October 9-11th.  It was a weekend away filled with workshops about creativity, how to live a positively balanced life, table topics, viewpoints and resolving conflicts.

“Above all, it was an occasion to learn, to have fun and to get to know each other a little better, both for the club’s long-standing members as well as newcomers, for whom it was the perfect opportunity to feel part of the family from the get go!” – Glenn Degrendele, VPPR.


The weekend kicked off was on Friday evening, with a delicious home-made meal with burgers & chips accompanied by a lot of chatter and followed with games to get to know each other even better.

One of the games was “Ask a Question”!

You have a deck of cards with questions.

One person at a time picks a card with a question on it and picks somebody to answer the question.

That person then picks another card and chooses somebody else, and so on.

‘”It was a fun and informal way to get to know each other at the start of the weekend.”, says Glenn.


On Saturday, they started the day with a 2-hour creativity workshop where the goal was to work in teams and gather ideas for special themed Toastmasters meetings, combine three of them into one themed meeting idea and present that idea in front of the whole group.

During a long two-hour lunch break, people could play kubb, relax in the sauna, go for a short swim in the elements outside or just sit around and chat over a coffee.

How to overcome fear in life

In the afternoon, everyone was treated to an inspirational workshop about how to overcome any fear in life, get where you want to be and live a positively balanced life.

After this workshop, it was time to put their very own inspiration to use in a table topics workshop, where they received tips from the club’s best table topic speakers on how to deliver a successful table topic.

Says Glenn, “Time flew by as the clock turned to 6.30 pm and, in no time at all, we were served tasty vegetarian cooking. With our stomachs full, we were divided into teams of 4 or 5 people to compete in a 30-question quiz. The winner received a bottle of champagne!  The evening continued with playing board games, chatting, sweating (again!) in the sauna and playing “werewolves” until late into the night. It was magic!”


Sunday started with more workshops including one on viewpoints, a training which is often given to actors and other stage performers and another on resolving conflicts. After a short test to determine how everyone handles conflicts (compete/collaborate/compromise/avoid/accomodate), people were divided into groups and given a case conflict which they had to resolve.

As this final workshop drew to a close, so did their fantastic weekend.

“Although this weekend has only just ended, some of us are already looking forward to next year’s Toastmasters weekend.‘”

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Why don’t you plan a weekend away with your club? It’s a great way to build relationships and encourage growth in a place away from home!  For further information contact Glenn Degrendele (glenn-dgbe), VP PR.


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