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The Tip Top advanced club, Luxembourg

On the 18 December, the prospect advanced club Tip Top organised a X-Mas dinner in the multicultural City of Luxembourg. Some 10 members from the local clubs attended and participated enthusiastically at the Table Topics session in English, French, Spanish and Romanian. Missed chances for TTs in Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Polish and Portuguese for lack of time.

A club with a sense of humour

The EIB club members always enjoy a good laugh, so we couldn’t pass on the opportunity of organizing a humorous contest this past autumn. Little did we know that no matter what language our members would compete in, they would make us so proud of them.

It all started on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon when we all let ourselves immersed in Nuria’s Spanish tales about her close encounter of the third kind – her prolonged, interesting yet ultimately inconclusive dialogue with some extra-terrestrial creatures who were interested in humanity’s greatest achievement. Nuria turned out to be a lot more successful at making us burst into laughter than at having herself invited for dinner with the creatures.

It seems her sense of humour was also appreciated at area and at division level, as she made enough Spanish-speakers laugh in Brussels to win her ticket to the district contest in Amsterdam, where she competed against another eight representatives of clubs from across Europe.

Another one of our club members, Jean-Philippe has also reached the division level in the table topics competition (in English). No wonder, since he also recently achieved the Competent Communicator level.

Margarida Nunes


Margarida Brites Nunes (MargaridaN)

Président of Les Orateurs du Jeudi



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