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A success story to share

  1. Find a good venue:

           We have a large and free venue at MDA Paris 8ème.

  1. Choose evening mentors:

     Our club has a strong core of experienced members. We choose an evening mentor to welcome guests and ensure they are seated next to a member.

Recruit twelve new members out of fifteen guests at your first meeting

  1. Incentive of professional trainings:

     This year, TMI Club “Les Ailes” decided to organize professional trainings, in addition to the regular TMI meetings and had on-the-spot registration of new members that evening.

  1. A visible website:

    We have an optimized website so guests can contact us easily, quickly and without obligation. According their feedback, the guests also appreciated our cordial and warm environment and the friendliness of our club. They were also impressed by the  level of the speeches that evening.

TMI-Paris-les-Ailes-Invitation-1170x400 formation2

TMI LES AILES – PARIS – France  www.toastmasters-lesailes.fr


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