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To organize an event is primarily an act of communication, under the sign of sharing and caring, in a festive friendly atmosphere.

At Toastmasters, we gather all year round with one reason : contests, trainings, conferences…

We federate because we strengthen this real synergy for all the members of our group. Every event is an opportunity for all the voluntary members to meet around a common passion: “dare to speak in public”, “stand up to your speaker position”.

In the Division A, we work on the planning of all the events of the year from MAY beforehand. We encourage clubs to undertake the organization of an event in order to allow the members to learn. So, from July, a clear map is broadcast to all the clubs through Area Directors on all events, dates, places, and which club or clubs. This anticipation aims at allowing clubs to get the room necessary very early on, at an attractive price, which isn’t easy in Paris.

The highlights are those inescapable meetings, like our Spring and Autumn conferences, which welcome all the competitors within the clubs, and the Areas, accompanied with all the support other members give them. We celebrate their performances every time, and we underline their commitment and theirs awards. Then, the happy winners as well as the members join the elected representatives of other countries in a host country belonging to the District. It is a real opportunity to be able to present ourself in front of a such a large audience, to meet our counterparts, but also to visit a city, and to discuss…

This year in Division A, every conference is organized by 2 clubs, an english speaking and a french speaking club. The diversity of culture and languages strengthen this collaborative spirit. It is a common work, underlining famous “Team Work”. Undoubtedly, it develops the Leadership.

To organize, we don’t improvise. We plan. The organizers are real conductors: constitution of a team, choosing an adequate space, looking for promotional tools, for trainers, to loan and test the equipment and to manage a tight budget just like any club. Thanks to this planning, programming the event becomes easier.

To organize is to invest oneself, take responsibilities, but also ensure the audience’s satisfaction, remembering that everyone is a volunteer, and for most, organising an event is a new step in their leadership. Division A encourages the good will in the new learning and we all try to be indulgent and helpful. But for all, it is primarily a party. Didn’t Robert Ingersoll said “it is the time to be happy. It is the place to be happy. And to be happy, make each other happy.”

Sylvie Klajman (sylvie.k)  

Division A Director


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