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Division A Toastmasters year will be great! Two clubs, an English and a French-speaking club, will celebrate their birthdays. And what birthdays!

Very special event! Toastmasters of Paris celebrated its 40th anniversary, in the center of Paris, on January 19th 2016. 40 years of existence! Numerous Toastmasters, representing more than fifteen nationalities and different places of Division A, were there for a special toast. (Its founders: Curtis Broderick and Nancy Ann Norton). Toastmasters of Paris is the first English speaking club to grow in our capital city, where numerous talented speakers were distinguished.

Toastmasters of Paris

Festivities were organized by their president and her team. Keynote speech by Frank Thorogood, two great speeches, one original impromptu game, and the music of a young band accompanied our laughter… under the flag of freedom, friendship and the pleasure of being together! It was an awesome evening with terrific moments and beautiful surprises. Happy Birthday Toastmasters of PARIS!


Happy BirthdayYellow Callout Toastmasters of Paris


During this special event, an outstanding member of the Division A was also there: Peter Kenton.

PHOTO 1 peterThe Dean of French Toastmasters has just celebrated his 90 years. Born in New York, Paris charmed him during a professional trip and he stayed here. Distinguished Toastmaster, he founded the bilingual club “The Europeans” and is still an active member of Toastmasters of Paris, The Europeans, Paris Speech Masters and Eiffelturm. What Energy! Peter blew all his birthday cake candles. We had the shortest speech ever from him. He said “Be there in 10 years’ time”.

He received a warm round of applause from his fellow Toastmasters.

Happy Birthday PETER!



50th Anniversary of the 1st French speaking club in France March 2016

Calliope Club from Orleans is going to celebrate its 50th anniversary on March 12th 2016. The celebration will take place in a restaurant along the river Loiret.

Calliope Club started on April 1966, just after the departure of the American army that had started a club within their base. The French-speaking club started thanks to the help of the French-speaking clubs in Quebec that provided them with French tools.

Come and celebrate with us on March 12th at 8 pm, Long Live Orleans!




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